by André Pelgrims & James Bampfield

Training participants will be taken through an intensive journey of experience, practice and reflection. Each facilitator will have chances to facilitate and receive extensive feedback, both from the trainers and their peers, culminating in a certificate if merited. We will focus on the following areas:


  • Difference and interplay between task and field/content and emotion
  • Phases of group/team development: dependence/independence/inter-dependence
  • Conditions for a ‘learning field’
  • Group flow and group illusion
  • The unconscious/shadow of the group
  • Difference and diversity: importance of context
  • Working with diversity and difference.


Tools and Competencies

  • Personal presence and authenticity
  • Catalysing learning and setting conditions for the learning field
  • Spectrum of interventions: saying and not saying the right thing at the right time
  • Dealing with conflict

Ecology and Ethics

  • Understanding the position of the facilitator in the system including any power dynamics
  • Facilitator as ‘pure vessel’: how not to project one’s own psychology onto the group/team
  • Importance of facilitator’s own learning process
  • Importance of ‘boundaries’

For Whom

  • Managers who wish to broaden and deepen their leadership capacity
  • HR managers and staff who wish to broaden and deepen their           leadership/influence capacity
  • High potentials within organizations who are seen as leaders of the future
  • External facilitators who want to increase their skills and capacities


  • Intake interview (phone or face-to-face): determine specific developmental needs for each individual
  • Immersion 1: covering and exploring the ground. Deep dive into facilitation content. Creating learning community. Setting developmental goals
  • Intervision: Practicing developmental goals within organizations and debriefing in peer groups
  • Immersion 2 & 3: presentation and formal evaluation of facilitation. Certification process. Determining future of learning community.


Module 1: 14th-17th of September 2021  (Center for Life & Learning, St-Blancard, France)
Module 2: 17th-19th of November 2021 (Domein Martinus - Halle-Zoersel)
Intervision: 10th of December 2021

Fee: 3990 euro excl. VAT, incl. accommodation

For information or to enroll, contact: info@takingwing.net

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