Group dynamics

A four-day course led by ANDRE PELGRIMS

After 20 years of courses in group dynamics for companies and organizations my faith in the intelligence of groups has done nothing but grow. The process that unfolds during seemingly innocent or unimportant actions is often a sign of an underlying given that needs to be discovered.

In order for a group to mature it is necessary for these underlying themes to be seen or felt. This requires a certain knowledge, combined with sensitivity and intuition. If you work with or in groups often, it can be an asset to have these insights very much on your radar.

During this four-day journey, we want to explore our knowledge of group mechanics, by means of the group itself. No theory lessons, but a group experience which can open the door to durable, long-lasting insights.

This workshop gives each participant the opportunity to explore his/her own patterns within the group. To which extent does a group make me as an individual free or un-free? Which part of my past will I encounter through my interaction with others in the group? This aspect will also be explicitly addressed, parallel with the group perspective.


When: 2021
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