A four-day course led by André Pelgrims

We live and work in fascinating times. So much is changing and shifting. Many old 'values' and 'truths' are being challenged. The economic and social models are undergoing a thorough transformation.

In the meantime, strong leadership is needed to integrate these new insights and movements into an emotionally stable model. This requires a lot of insight, self-knowledge and courage.

These same qualities are needed to help new ideas combine to let a fresh wind blow through our companies, SMEs and societies. It would be human, but sad, if we missed these important opportunities because of denial or blindness, resistance or incompetence.

That is why, during this venture, we want to explore this new reality and the new qualities of leadership that are required. We will be looking at our conscience, both on a personal and on a social and economic level. We will find out how each of the participants can enhance his/her personal skills, in order to create both connection and order in this larger whole of impulses.

This journey is a combination of various methods, aimed at enhancing the reflections and insights that are necessary to turn this learning experience into something with a lasting effect.


When: 2021

For information or to enroll, contact: info@takingwing.net