A four-day course led by ANDRE PELGRIMS and ANJA HUEBER

The many stimuli we have to deal with every day often prevent us from standing still.

All the voices around us and inside us make it hard for us to know which voice to follow and which to ignore. Our four-day journey will help participants to discover silence.

We accompany each participant throughout a process that shows him how to make space for silence. We use a very specific method to discover how we can create silence and space within ourselves. During those four days, we make a very explicit connection with leadership.

This journey is inspiring and vital for all those who want to give direction to their life or that of others.


When: 30th of November - 3rd of December in Metta Vihara - Hengstdijk - NL
           3 - 6 Mai 2022 in Metta Vihara - Hengstdijk - NL
           6 - 9 December 2022 in Metta Vihara - Hengstdijk - NL          

Fee: 2250 € (inclusive board and lodgings, exclusive of VAT)

For information or to enroll, contact: