Our mission

Our society is evolving constantly and ever more rapidly. Over-consumerism is king and durability has become a fragile thing. News coverage is fast and always geared towards 'the hype of the day'. Social media make and break people. Many are 'in charge', few are 'in control'.

Political, financial, social and ecological awareness have become public property. Both on a professional level and in our relationships, we make more conscious choices, which are more to do with personal values. 'You must do this and that' is being replaced by 'do I want this or that?' Arrogance in authority figures is quickly dealt with. Being awake is crucial. Thanks to the numerous channels of information, consumers and employees have become more independent and assertive.

Learning how to deal with this new reality is a crucial challenge for leaders, organisations and societies.

THE NEW ECONOMY demands speed, creativity, dynamism,  perseverance, courage, knowledge and multicultural collaboration. 

THE NEW SOCIETY demands respect for identity, freedom, mobility, quality of life.

This straddles two almost paradoxical ideas. "If we fail to meet the 'economic' challenge, we lose effectiveness; if we fail to meet the 'social' challenge, we lose commitment and creativity."

The task which leaders are faced with is clear: it depends on the extent to which they are able to transform matters whether these opposing needs can be harmonised. More than ever, the success of an organisation will be about the people who can inspire and connect, both with the 'economic' reality and the 'social' reality. 

Every person in charge will have to be able to adapt part of this duality to his own reality. We are convinced that in the next ten years, these will be the determining factors in redefining the professional landscape.

We believe that TAKING WING can be of significant help in this transformation process - to you personally, to your team and to your organisation.

André Pelgrims