1. Our body is an example of the spontaneous blossoming of life. 50 trillion cells work 24/7 to keep this body alive. By working with this non-verbal, non-linear system, we create the best possible circumstances for our body and our life. Positive growth, health, success and abundance are within everybody's reach.
  2. Because our body can perfectly carry out numerous acts at once and because our body is the materialization of what we are in total, the body is the ideal vehicle to induce enduring growth and transformation.
  3. The body is led by our consciousness, 95% of which is unconscious. You breathe, your heart beats. Every single cell functions without needing an order or incentive. By working on this 95%, we can influence the quality of our life, our health, vitality, effortlessness and happiness. This creates a snowball effect and our life will improve rapidly.
  4. Every person is unique. The strategy to optimize the individual's body is always made to measure. By working via the body, through physical therapies, food, food supplements, different ways of moving, we are given the necessary energy and high quality fuel through which LIFE manifests itself.

Yu Optimizing people has developed a concept based on the laws of nature which guarantees durable results.